The Official Newsletter of A.E.F. Sales Engineering Company

There is no safety in numbers.  Or anything else.  

James Thurber


If we expect to enjoy our life, we will have to learn to be joyful in all of it, not just at stated intervals when we get time for it or when we have nothing else to do.  

Laura Ingalls Wilder


We're all different; and we're all a little strange.  

Big Lu from New York


I'm proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money.  

Arthur Godfrey


Look not at the face; look at the heart.  



People who know the least always seem to know it the loudest.  

Andy Capp


One of the differences I've noticed between cows and people is that, for the most part, cows seem to catch on a bit quicker.  



AEF Sales has never let me down; they've always delivered as promised.  

Abraham  Lincoln



Dear Bernadette:


    I am STEAMING right now.  I’ve got two guys installing heat trace on a cooling tower forty stories up, and the only way up there is by the construction elevator, which takes forever.  They’ve got all the material, but when they open up the terminating kit it’s short one stinking little grommet thingy they have to have to finish the job.  I call the supplier and he says he’ll send me one right away, at no charge.  Great! I’m gonna have to pay two guys to go back a second day (if I can hold off the insulator) and the supplier thinks sending me a twenty-five cent grommet takes care of everything!  Used to be people cared about things; not any more I guess.  


Dear M.W.H.:


    Yes, ‘for want of a nail’.  First off, I hope at least you were able to hold off the insulator --- who knows what that would have cost you.  Unfortunately you’re right, most people don’t really care too much any more, and when something like this happens you realize how costly that can be.

    I would recommend that next time you choose AEF Sales to supply your heat trace; they KNOW that ‘little’ things can cause big problems, so every termination kit is double-checked to make sure everything you need is there when you need it.  They also test every electronic controller and pre-fabricated heater cable before they get shipped to a customer, so you’ll get no surprise there either.

    It is sad that so many companies don’t give a hoot; but you can make life simpler if you find a company that does, and work with them.



Dear Bernadette:


    I use a lot of heater cable for hot water maintenance.  I’ve been using cable from a real big name company for years: they had one kind for 105 degrees, and another for 140 degrees.  Now they’re telling me they’re going to have just one kind of hot water cable.  I don’t understand how one cable could maintain either 105 degrees or 140 degrees, unless you start using a whole bunch of expensive controls.  What gives?   



Dear W.D.:

    I’m afraid you understand perfectly: they want to sell you a whole bunch of expensive controllers.


Dear Bernadette:

    Yeah but the whole point of hot water maintenance cable is to keep things simple!  Buying and installing a bunch of temperature controls isn’t simpler; it’s gonna make my material and my labor costs go up.  That stinks!  



Dear W.D.:

    Yes it does, but you have an alternative: hot water cable supplied by AEF works the way you want it to.  You can maintain 105, 115, 125, or 140 degrees WITHOUT needing separate controllers. Time to call AEF!