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Welcoming the newest additions to the AEF family!



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Summer 2012

Introducing Danny Moore and Susan Bushey


aef/fyi welcomes Danny and Susan, the two newest additions to Team AEF.



Newest member of our sales force is Danny Moore of Bridgewater, NJ.  Danny has spent the last twelve years with a major plumbing contractor in New Jersey, both in the field and as a project manager.  


Team AEF’s Sales Manager, Fred Eigenrauch, is looking forward to the contributions Danny will make to TEAM AEF: "Danny's prior job as a project manager brings a wealth of experience in organizing and dealing with large projects. He is particularly strong in reading plumbing and mechanical drawings for take-offs. He is well organized and is a self starter, and a great addition to the team."


Danny and his wife Michele have two boys that keep them hopping --- Matthew, 7, and Nicolas, 3.  Matthew loves football and baseball (Danny helps coach his teams); while Nicolas' specialty (so far) is creating havoc.  


Danny is a big Yankees fan, so he should fit in pretty well around here. His take on being an AEFer: "It's a great company, where everyone knows the products, and customer service is the driving force behind everything they do."  (Nicely put, Danny.  We couldn't have said it better ourselves.)


We're happy to have Danny on the team, and we're sure our customers will feel the same way.



For a while now AEF insiders have realized that Brandy Monette really needed a helping hand.  We've had some amiable part-timers helping hold down the fort for a while (thanks Sarah and Carissa!) but we knew we really needed a full timer; the only question was finding the right one.  

We finally did, and Susan Bushey joined the warehouse crew in May.  The search was led by Scott Horne, with input from Brandy.  Scott felt Susan’s experience and personality were key strengths, and Brandy agreed.

Susan lives in Malone, and most recently worked in administration at the local hospital.  Her experience on the phones and with computer systems, combined with a great work ethic make her a perfect fit.  Susan will usually be the person you get when you call (at least she will be once we finish figuring out the new phone system!)  Brandy has been showing her the ropes, of which there are quite a few, but she's proving to be a quick learner.

So far Susan has been most impressed by some of the projects that TEAM AEF works on, such as the World Trade Center Memorial.  (Editor's Note:  We are currently at work



on a new brochure highlighting special projects AEF has been part of --- if all goes well it should go to press before the end of the decade.)

Outside of work Susan is a big Yankee fan, an animal lover (especially her cats), and an enthusiastic traveller.  Recent trips have included Prince Edward Island, Scotland and England, and Italy.  She's hoping for another trip to Italy in the future. (Make sure Amalfi is on the itinerary!)

Welcome aboard!