The Official Newsletter of A.E.F. Sales Engineering Company




    A.E.F Sales was started in March 1964 by Anthony E. Fasolino as Nelson Electric’s representative in the metropolitan New York area. Tony worked in electrical construction as a member of the IBEW for several years prior to joining the Marines and serving in the second world war. As a veteran, he had a chance to go to college and became professional engineer after studying at RPI. Solid engineering and design, combined with an understanding of real world construction, have been a part of the company from the very beginning.

    This means that from the earliest concept stages of a project, through detailed and well thought out designs, and with on-site support during construction, A.E.F. Sales is committed to bringing value to consulting engineers, contractors, and end users of our products. Our staff of factory trained heat trace specialists works as a team throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New England to provide fast and graciously knowledgeable service.


    Many manufacturers’ representatives work with a dozen or more principal companies and product lines. A.E.F. Sales takes a different approach, working with only a handful of carefully selected manufacturers. This allows the members of the sales team to develop an in depth knowledge of products and applications and become a resource to our customers.

    Contracts between manufacturers and their field sales representatives typically allow either party to walk away with 30 days notice. The relationships between A.E.F. Sales and the companies we represent average over 40 years. These long term relationships to insure that when our customers require factory support, it will be there.

    From the beginning, we’ve understood that getting out to the jobsite, seeing as built conditions first hand, and providing support to the people installing our products is critical to successful heat trace installations.

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    The people at A.E.F. Sales function as a team to provide the best possible service to our customers. It is the job of every A.E.F. staffer to take care of every customer, and our information systems are designed to make this possible. Every person in the organization has real time access to quotations, inventory status, shipping information, and other data for a seamless customer experience.

     Unlike most sales organizations, no one at A.E.F. Sales works on commission. There are no short term financial pressures or sales goals that might interfere with the company’s long term goal: growing the business by taking care of our customers.


    After over 46 years in the heater cable business, we’ve learned that the only way we can guarantee our customers the products they need when they need them is by having them on the shelf and ready to go.

     The support team at our warehouse in upstate Malone, New York provides customer service and manages an inventory of over 400,000 feet of heater cable in forty different varieties, along with 150 mineral insulated heaters and a wide variety of control and monitoring equipment.